Lady K is a  skippered boat personally owned and maintained by Kostas.

Lady K is a Bavaria 47 Sailing Boat. It is a 47 ft. long yacht (14.3 m.) and can accommodate easily up to 8 persons. Four (4) cabins & three (3) toilets (one from each is for the skipper) & living room available. 

Kostas is graduated and has a registered Professional Skippers diploma. Has lived his entire life on the sea and get also his scuba diving license.

With almost 30 years of sailing experience, he has many thousands of sea miles of experience all over the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, also by transferring sailing yachts and catamarans often from the South & North of France, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia.

While aboard, Kostas is always willing to teach and share with “curious client” the art of sailing. He provides a professional service with a personal touch and he is by far the most experienced skipper in the Aegean sea and Paros.

He has entertained clients from all over the world & his knowledge of the waters and the wind of the Greek sea is second to no one.

Kostas and Lady K welcome you on board & wish you an unforgettable experience!

Skipper Kostas’s role

Kostas will ensure you will enjoy your sailing holidays without distractions and worries.

He is responsible for your safety and the boat,  since he has a very good knowledge of the local sea water, he knows always the perfect locations and you can release on his guidance and chosen destinations.

He is the captain who is  navigating and sailing you from one island to the other. He is the one who will manoeuvre at the bays or the ports and the one who will take you ashore with the dinghy, if you are at an anchorage.

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